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IT Inventory and Asset Management for Major Tech Client

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In 2019, a large tech company approached Nascient with a major IT inventory and asset management problem. They had an entire warehouse of sensitive, high-value IT assets and inventory, yet no concrete system or process for tracking them all.

The client’s pain points included issues such as:

  • redundant ordering due to loss of inventory and assets
  • no visibility into current asset stock of critical infrastructure items (such as network switches and firewalls)
  • lack of logistics support for high-priority domestic and international shipments of mission-critical IT assets for new offices
  • piles of old assets and inventory taking up unnecessary space and losing value by the day due to obsolescence and EOL

The needs were daunting and multi-faceted. We knew a delicate-yet-urgent, phased approach would be necessary to tame the beast.



We jumped into action and assembled onsite to assess the situation and design a phased approach, which consisted of:

  • a complete count and inventory of all assets
  • a new organization system
  • selection of a software solution that best fit the client’s inventory needs
  • sourcing and deployment of a complete inventory team to manage the day-to-day

Our team showed up onsite within days to assess the scenario and to begin to implement a phased approach as follows:

  1. Organized all assets with a comprehensive bin and shelf naming system and provided a detailed index of all items and where they were located
  2. Performed a comparative analysis on inventory software solutions to find the best one for our client’s situation and needs.
  3. Imported and updated all inventory data gathered into the new system.
  4. Produced volumes of custom-built, detailed inventory process documentation to govern the new inventory system and protocol
  5. Sourced and deployed a dedicated inventory team to work at the client’s warehouse site to manage the day-to-day operations of the new inventory system.

Our system and service are still in place, saving our client headaches and money daily – no more lost equipment, e-waste pile ups, or logistical tug-of-wars.

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