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Managing IT Infrastructure Deployments for Enterprise Client at Scale

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In 2020, a large social media company turned to Nascient for help building and expanding their IT infrastructure over a vast and expanding territory. The client had more demand than their internal staff bandwidth would allow, and needed help to quickly scale and reach their key goals for the year. They needed to find a creative, sustainable, outsourced labor solution that would help them scale.



We began building a sustainable infrastructure management system and team, which consisted of a few infrastructure technicians and engineers, partnered with two dedicated documentation specialists.

The techs and engineers were additional boots on the ground to help with ongoing maintenance, deployments, and office upgrades, while the documentation specialists helped our client build out key documentation, including:

  • build standards documents
  • service ticket templates and automations
  • project roadmaps
  • team-member training programs

Once this foundation was laid solid, the client requested more specialized, and geographically distributed roles, such as security technology project engineers in Europe, data center deployment specialists in China, or AV deployment engineers in Singapore.

As the team and scope of work grew, the documentation, procedures, and training programs we helped develop brought stability and consistency to the growing project, which is still going strong.

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