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Scalable Workforce for Proprietary Data Center Test Lab

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Situation & Approach

In the spring of 2020, Nascient was approached by a leading app company to provide a scalable workforce for a specialized data center project. The scope of work would include fairly standard datacenter tasks, such as rack & stack and cabling, but would also involve the construction and installation of proprietary test devices. The client needed a dependable, adaptable workforce that could be trusted with this sensitive and urgent project.



We quickly went to work pulling together a team consisting of an engineer, project manager, and a handful of dependable technicians. The team not only rose to the occasion, carried the workload, and helped our client expand their data center footprint on schedule, but also quickly fell in with the client’s existing ticketing and documentation regime, security protocols, and more.

They quickly grasped the process of assembling the client’s proprietary test devices, and even helped write the manual. The project is still running smoothly today with our team-members working quietly alongside our client, who is continuing to rapidly expand their test lab capacity which is now one of the largest such facilities in the world.

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